We have lots of party options available - no matter the age, ability or size.

Corporate Events And Team Building

Take the bored out of the boardroom. Are you looking for a unique team building activity? Are you searching for something special for this year's conference or corporate event? Do you want to get your group laughing, talking and having fun? Plan a hands-on pottery painting activity at Gone Potty or we can come to you.  The creative possibilities are endless... creative plates, coffee mugs and bowls. We can help you deliver an engaging, bordering on outrageous team building... sure to get everyone talking.

Kids Birthday Parties

Creative Kids Birthday Parties. Want to make your child's birthday party extra special? Gone Potty has all the makings of a one-of-a-kind party for your boy or girl. We'll dish up the fun - with pottery pieces and paints, guide the birthday group in their pottery-painting. Choose from an adorable assortment of banks and boxes, ice cream bowls, mugs and more. The kids will transform them in to works-of-art they'll treasure forever. Party packages are available to suit your budget.

Fun For Babies And Toddlers

Creative activities for kids of all ages. Every child is born creative and as parents we want to nurture the creativity in our kids. The earlier you start the more precious artwork you'll have to treasure for years to come! Gone Potty has endless creative activities for babies and toddlers. We can help you capture precious hand prints, footprints and early artwork on pottery pieces you can use and treasure forever. 

Clubs And Community Groups

We cater to every age and ability. Want to create a special creative activity for your day plan? With Gone Potty you can add some creative fun to your recreation calendar. Whether for senior centres, hospitals and hospices, community groups or programmes for people with special needs, we can help you organise a wonderful, accessible, focus on fun activity. Pottery painting is ideal for every age and ability, and the finished pottery pieces will serve as lasting reminders of the fun and achievement. 


Pricing includes paints, glazing and kiln firing. Pricing starts at just $15.00.



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