About Us


Gone Potty is another creation by Dunedin-based artist Bridget Paape.

Bridget is full of creative energy and never happier than when in her studio with a paintbrush.

"I've done real estate, cafe ownership and worked in hotels, but I've always come back to art."

“My work has gone to many countries world-wide. I love colour, and so my paintings are bright and with a happy theme. Probably my personality coming out, I would never paint if I'm having a bad day!”

Bridget moved to Dunedin in 2015 with her daughter Poppy and they set up shop in April.  It’s not her first foray into retail, she also owned a gallery with her mother in Arrowtown.  What makes this Gone Potty different is the workshop and event element, which came about after many requests for her to teach children to paint.

Gone Potty is a gorgeous gallery/gift shop featuring some beautiful works of art from all over NZ. Bridget is the artist in residence and has a wonderful range of her own paintings, prints and gift lines on show. Bridget designs products that represent the local area and New Zealand. Great gift ideas that can be sent offshore, or for those overseas visitors. Personalised ceramics is something else Bridget is able to do. Great for those special occasion birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc.
Bridget has been in the retail business for over 25 years and is an expert when it comes to choosing that special gift for someone. If she hasn’t got it in store then she is happy to create it for you, or source it from somewhere. Bridget also provides a fun and entertaining studio environment in the back of the shop where the creative talents of young and old can be unleashed! Simply choose your ceramic art off the shelf and get painting. Seating is limited and so you must pre book to make sure you don't miss out on a table, this activity is suitable for every age and ability.