Gone Potty is another creation by Dunedin-based artist Bridget Paape.

Bridget is full of creative energy and never happier than when in her studio with a paintbrush.

She has been an artist for over 25 years "I've done real estate, cafe ownership and worked in hotels, but I've always come back to art."

“My work has gone to many countries world-wide. I love colour, and so my paintings are bright and with a happy theme. Probably my personality coming out, I would never paint if I'm having a bad day!”

Bridget moved to Dunedin in 2015 with her daughter Poppy and they set up shop in April.  It’s not her first foray into retail, she also owned a gallery with her mother in Arrowtown.  What makes this Gone Potty different is the workshop and event element, which came about after many requests for her to teach children to paint.