Hand Blown Vase by Keith Grinter - Lime

Hand Blown Vase by Keith Grinter - Lime


Keith Grinter handblown glass vases with shard glass.

Approx 80cm tall.

Keith Grinter is a glass artist based in the Town Basin, Whangarei. 

The shard technique "The technique of creating glass vessels by picking up coloured shards of glass was used by Keith Mahy who started the glass studio in Whangarei. I have found that this technique fits perfectly with my painterly sensibilities and so have continued with this tradition at the Whangarei glass studio. My work looks quite different from Keith's because I come to it from a background as a painter. Some of these recent glass works are reminiscent of the series of painted glass vessels I created that were based on modernist painters such as Joan Miro." -  Keith Grinter