PekaPeka Bird Feeder - gonepottynz
PekaPeka Bird Feeder - gonepottynz
PekaPeka Bird Feeder - gonepottynz

PekaPeka Bird Feeder

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The Topflite Peka Peka Bird Feeder is designed to attract and feed native birds. The pack includes a truffle, which will bring in the wax-eyes who in turn will attract Tui, Bellbird and others.

The pack includes;
- Feeding platform & Bottle holder
- Bottle
- Nozzle - premium metal nozzle
- Truffle feeder
- a packet of energy truffles

The Feeding platform and bottle holder are designed to fit on a standard 1.8m Waratah post available from any local hardware store. This keeps the platform out of reach of rats and other predators so the birds are safe and sound up there.

Other features include

• Bee friendly - bee's won't drown in a pool of nectar / sugar water
• Safe way to feed birds away from reach of predators
• Ideal for backyards with no trees or places to hang feeders
• The Peka Peka feeder was designed in Dunedin, it is injection moulded in Mosgiel. The nozzle component is imported from the USA and it's all assembled in Dunedin.

FEEDING GUIDE: Fill bottle with sugar water (1/2 cup sugar to 1 litre
water) or Topflite Wild Bird Nectar (1 part nectar 4 parts water). Hang filled
truffle feeder. Do not add boiling or very hot water to the bottle as it will

Waratah (Y-post) acts as stand for feeding platform (waratah
not included)

Box dimensions: 270mm h x 195mm w x 130mm D

Handy hint - while your local birds are discovering this new bounty in your back yard it may help to add a drip of red food colouring to the nectar bottle - the red colour will act as an attractant until "word" gets around about this new food supply.

PekaPeka PDF Instructions