3Bee Mānuka Honey | Moisturiser 50gm

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3Bee Mānuka Honey Moisturiser with Palmarosa - 50gm

We all have sensitive skin but these sensitivities present differently according to our age, so we selected a collection of skin-loving oils including olive fruit oil, shea butter and coconut oil to blend with our ‘glow’ ingredients; Mānuka Honey and Palmarosa. Miraculous Mānuka Honey loves skin on many levels; offering high levels of amino acids, Vitamin B and minerals that work to heal blemishes, ease skin redness and soothe inflamed skin and balance the skin's pH. Mānuka Honey draws in moisture to improve skin elasticity and cell regeneration.

Palmarosa helps regulate skin’s oil production and is a renowned natural hydrator that stimulates cellular regeneration. The result; a healthy, glowing complexion.

Silky smooth to the touch, beautifully absorbed and with Palmarosa’s naturally uplifting fragrance this moisturiser delights all the senses and is enjoyed by men and woman of all ages.

Soothe, smooth and glow!

About 3Bee

3Bee is a dynamic, energetic, family-owned company deeply rooted in New Zealand’s pristine wilderness across the top of the South Island.  Four long-time friends gathered their many and varied experiences and skill sets to create a business that has quickly grown from beekeeping and honey production for the NZ market to exporting multiple honey product formats around the world.