3Bee Mānuka Honey | Cleanser 150ml

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3Bee Mānuka Honey Cleanser - 150ml

Just what you’ve been looking for! 3Bee’s miraculous foaming cleanser to gently and effectively clean without drying. Star ingredient, Mānuka Honey, works to draw out impurities, soothe inflammation and eliminate bacteria; great for skin prone to acne or redness. Mānuka Honey promotes skin cell regeneration and stimulates the repair of cellular damage. Add supreme moisture retention and inhibition of detrimental Matrix Metalloproteinases (enzymes responsible for destroying collagen) to the list of benefits.

Palmarosa, a hydrating plant oil with an uplifting fragrance, excels at balancing skin’s water and lipid content and stimulates cellular regeneration. Naturally-derived Plantapon SF is a rich, dense foaming agent ideal for sensitive or problem skin as it gently dissolves oil and lifts away impurities, leaving skin smooth and moist. Laracare A200 moisture control formulation hydrates and retains water in skin cells to reduce the appearance of superficial fine lines.

A harmoniously blended treat to thrill the senses.

About 3Bee

3Bee is a dynamic, energetic, family-owned company deeply rooted in New Zealand’s pristine wilderness across the top of the South Island.  Four long-time friends gathered their many and varied experiences and skill sets to create a business that has quickly grown from beekeeping and honey production for the NZ market to exporting multiple honey product formats around the world.